Timeless Elegance – The Black and White Bathroom

Timeless Elegance – The Black and White Bathroom

Timeless Elegance

The Black and White Bathroom

When we design and decorate our homes, the bathroom is not usually the first room that comes to mind.  Actually, the bathroom is normally one of the last spaces that we give our attention to.  This is mostly due to the fact that most of us do not have the luxury of owning a spacious bathroom that we can turn into a pampering retreat where we can soak our worries away.  More often than not, the color scheme of the bathroom is something that we all get stuck with and adapt our design style to.  But when given the chance to choose from the many options and themes available, nothing comes close to the timeless elegance of the classic black and white look.  Black and white bathrooms easily adapt to suit any design style, whether you strive to achieve a rustic or minimalist look.


You Can’t Go Wrong

A black and white color scheme provides an obvious comfort for homeowners.  This is a scheme that you cannot go wrong with!  This hip color combo has survived in bathrooms for centuries and has never been labeled as “out of touch” with any of the current trends.  This color scheme offers a sense of elegance, expressiveness and even quirkiness that will inspire you to give your bathroom a much needed facelift!


A Sense of Luxury

Are you looking to add a luxurious ambiance to your bathroom?  Then black and white is the way to go.  This scheme will make everything in your lavatory look more:

  •         Striking
  •         Beautiful
  •         Sleek
  •         Refined

One thing to be careful in doing is to create a balance between the black and white tones.  This is essential in creating a luxurious look.  If you add too much black to the room, you will create a sense of dullness.  Besides balancing the darker tones, you also need to play up the lighting.  This will help create a spectacular black and white bathroom.



Lighting helps to set the tone inside any room, but especially in a black and white one.  Whether you add a striking chandelier or an elegant sconce, the illumination inside your bathroom will help to set the mood.  This becomes especially true if you are using black extensively because poor lighting will lead to a room of dark corners.  If you are looking to embrace the look of an elegant black and white bathroom, using an intelligent blend of artificial illumination will help you to attain this goal.


Stay on Trend

One of the great things about the color combination of black and white is that it allows you to stay current with the latest color trends on the market.  This color scheme allows for a neutral framework that will allow you to choose an accent color that will instantly stand out, allowing its presence to be felt upon entrance.  Just imagine the neutrality of a black and white bathroom with a tangy orange, regal purple or perky yellow bath mat or towels popping out at you.