The Much Needed Porch Makeover

The Much Needed Porch Makeover

The Much Needed Porch Makeover

There is no other place to spend a nice, sunshiny day than on your porch.  Having a porch that possesses a comfortable, stylish element that can withstand the weather is essential.  So what can you do to make this space your sanctuary?  Keep reading for some tips on making over your porch.

Define Your Space

What do you really want from your porch?  Is your porch a place to entertain guests?  Is it where you sit back and relax after a long day?  This sounds simple, but it is often overlooked as you forge ahead creating your outdoor living space.  So, in the beginning, you should ask yourself these questions to get a better sense of what you envision your porch to be:

  •         Do you prefer to spend time outside with family and friends or alone?
  •         When thinking about your porch, how do you want to use the space?  Is it to cook, eat, lounge or a combination thereof?
  •         How important is your privacy?
  •         What time of day will you normally use your porch?
  •         Do you like to sit in the elements or in a more sheltered space?


If bugs, especially mosquitoes, are an issue where you live then it becomes a must in dealing with them in order to enjoy the outdoors.  One option is to screen in your porch.  This way, you feel like you are outdoors without the nasty side effect of being eaten by bugs.  A couple other ways to keep the bugs away are:

  •         Make sure there isn’t standing water on your property.  Even a flowerpot full of rainwater can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  •         If you have water features in your yard, make sure they are running features and not standing features.

Outdoor Fabrics and Materials

If you have a covered porch, you don’t need to worry so much about what materials you have on your porch.  But, if your seating area is exposed to the elements, then you will want to invest in fabrics and furniture that is made for the outdoors.  Although outdoor fabrics are more expensive, they won’t fade in the sun, resist stains and the water will just bead off it.  And there is no need to worry about the cushions becoming waterlogged because they are stuffed with material that sheds water quickly.


Depending on how close your neighbors are, you may need to mask their sounds.  You have a couple of options here.  First, you can install a fountain and let the soothing sound of running water help create a peaceful atmosphere.  Or, you can install outdoor speakers that play soft, soothing music to rest and relax in.


If you have ever sat out in the sun with zero shade on a hot, sunny day, you know that it quickly becomes uncomfortable and you feel the need to find shade.  So there are a few options when finding shade for your porch.  Try one of these:

  •         Freestanding Umbrellas
  •         Cloth Overhang
  •         Lattice
  •         Shade Tree
  •         Pergola

Outdoor Dining Kit

If you want to dine outside on your porch, it is easier to motivate yourself to do so if you already have an outdoor dining kit ready to go.  Place those frequently used items in a basket or on a large tray sporting handles.  This way you can grab and go!  Some items you may want to have ready are:

  •         Unbreakable Glasses and Plates
  •         Carafe for water, wine or juice
  •         Napkins
  •         Candles and a Lighter
  •         Silverware
  •         Bottle Opener

If there are items that you regularly use whether dining indoors or outdoors, make sure that you have a similar item that can be used outside also placed in your kit.


Even in the summer, it gets chilly in the evenings.  Keep blankets piled near the porch door so they can be easily grabbed.  You will be happy that you nearby.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Obviously you cannot build a bonfire on your porch.  But lighting helps your porch come alive at night.  By simply lighting a candle, lantern or hanging a strand of lights from above will make your space seem larger as well as more enigmatic.