Small Bathroom = Big Ideas

Small Bathroom = Big Ideas

Small Bathroom = Big Ideas

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house.  And just because it’s small, doesn’t mean that it has to appear small.  There are various ways in which to make your bathroom look bigger than it actually is.  Here are a few tips and guidelines.

Everything the Same Tone

Keep everything in the room the same tone as much as you can.  For example, if you have dark walls and light tile your room will be chopped up visually making it appear smaller.  But if you do want some contrast, limit it to an item such as a low cabinet or a light fixture.  This allows the item to stand out as a feature and everything else will fade into the backdrop.

Ceiling and Walls

If your ceiling is angled or has oddly shaped low areas, you should paint them all the same color.  By making this one unified color, the unusual shapes seem to disappear causing the space to look larger.  The amount of transitions and intersecting planes are diminished creating a cleaner and more expansive space in the top of the room.


Don’t be afraid of mirrors!  When it comes to mirrors, you have several options in your bathroom.  Here are a few tips on how to make your bathroom appear larger using mirrors:

  •         Give your bathroom that grand feeling by installing a mirror that reaches the ceiling.  Whether trimmed in wood or tile, a spacious mirror that has lighting above or hanging in front of it will double the impact of the lights and allow the space to grow.  But, don’t use double mirrors over side by side sinks.  It chops the space up making it appear smaller.
  •         If you do not have a window, you can use mirrors to give you the same effect.  Simply place the mirrors from side wall to side wall over a vanity with the wallpaper used in the room.  The wallpaper seems to blend into the edge of the mirror causing the pattern to visually continue on in the mirror!
  •         If your bathroom allows, place a mirror across from a window.  This makes the room visually seem like you have two windows.

Recessed Shelving

If you have the option, recessing your cabinets and shelves into the wall adds a bit of space to your bathroom.  When you have items that protrude out, they can become a bit of an obstacle.  This also clogs up the openness of the room making it appear more cramped than it actually is.

Smaller Furniture

When purchasing items like a vanity or bathtub for your small bathroom, choose pieces that are meant for small areas.  Maybe choosing a shower instead of a large, bulky tub is an option.  Or a tub that is meant for small areas may be the way to go.  And a simple, single sink vanity that has hope shelving looks just as sophisticated as a full sized vanity.

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink can free up a lot of needed space in a small bathroom.  It takes up very little space and looks fantastic!  Then you can add an open glass-door cabinet in the room for storage.  This provides more storage than a low-profile vanity and it will blend into the room.

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