Refresh Your Bathroom

Refresh Your Bathroom

Refresh Your Bathroom


The bathroom seems to be the last place that we remodel.  Why is that?  Just because the room seems to be tucked away from everyone does not mean that it should not get some much needed attention!  So how can you turn your bathroom from drab to fab without totally breaking the bank?  Read on!



Paint can be an inexpensive way to update any room.  Whether you tackle the walls, trim or shelving units, you can see big changes almost immediately.  Just make sure that you take a few things into consideration before you begin slathering your walls with a new color.

  • Make sure the walls do not have any moisture issues such as peeling paint and tiles falling off the wall.  If there is a moisture problem, you will need to call in an expert because there may be something going on like plumbing or ventilation issues.
  • If the walls are showing no damage, then you will want to keep it that way by using a water-based primer to keep the water off the drywall and prevent mildew.

Remember that painting your walls is not the only thing that can use a coat or two in your bathroom.  Your old vanity can be brought back to life simply by adding a new color to its outer shell. Presto!  A more modern look has been achieved!


Bring on the Light!

When the lighting isn’t right, any room can feel drab and dreary.  The best place to start when lightening things up is with any shrubbery outside the window.  This is the least expensive fix when you trim them, allowing more light inside.  The next thing on the list is to change out your curtains.  Choose a cheery pattern made of a light fabric that will allow more light to filter in.  Adding a large mirror or picture is another way to bounce lighting around the room making it more cheery.


Upgrade the Accessories

Changing out the bathroom accessories and hardware is a quick way to freshen the room and allows you to go for a trendy look without costing you a fortune.  These items can change the whole look of the room rather quickly and can be exchanged at a later date for a totally different look.  Items like drawer pulls are a fantastic way to spruce things up by adding color and texture along with the toothbrush holder, rug, soap dish and shower curtain.  What new look are you shooting for?


Simplify Storage

Cluttering your counter space with half empty bottles, beauty supplies and perfume bottles takes up valuable bathroom space.  One of the biggest problems is the fact that the available storage units are not always an attractive solution.  So, save yourself time, money and space by going through your bathroom supplies and taking a look at what you really need on a daily basis.  If you don’t need it regularly, either store it or get rid of it.  If you still need more storage, look to your walls for available storage space.  The area above your toilet is often space that goes unused and can become a valuable place for storage.


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