New Year’s Resolution: Make Your House a Home

New Year’s Resolution: Make Your House a Home

New Year’s Resolution: Make Your House a Home


With a new year peeking on the horizon, it’s time to take a look making a few resolutions.  When considering changes, why not think about what you can do at home in order to help enhance your life?  Here are a few ideas for making home resolutions in order to increase your gratitude, tap into your own unique style and finally make your house a home in 2016.  


What do you like?

It is time to follow your heart and choose items for your home that you really like.  This is harder than it seems.  Sometimes it will mean not buying something because it isn’t quite what you are looking for or ignoring what is “in” when it simply isn’t you.  In 2016, commit yourself to paying closer attention to the styles, colors and textures that you are attracted to.  Once you know what those are, it will allow you to make better choices when creating a home.  

  • Get Started – Create an ideabook that you label “this is me” and fill it with images that you instantly make a connection with.  You can take this idea one step further by adding a quick description of what appeals to you in the photo.  Is it the color, a certain chair, or the shelving space?


Change or Remove What You Don’t LIke

Have you been living with a wall color that depresses you upon entry to the room?  Are you tripping over the same ugly chair whenever you enter your living room?  Sounds like it is time for a change!  It is just as important to remove the negative from your life as it is to add the positive.  Make 2016 the year to say goodbye to all of the things in your home that are bringing you down.

  • Get Started – Take a walk through your home with a notepad.  Start making a list of the items that you would get rid of right now if you had no worries of what to do with them.  After you have finished your list, sit down and look it over as objectively as you can.  Is there anything on the list that you can get rid of today?  What is holding you back with the other items on the list?  Get rid of one item today and make a plan to let the others go as well.


Constraints Are a Blessing!

It would seem that no limits would be a blessing, when in actuality it makes things more difficult.  Having a distinct limit helps to kick your creativity into gear!  You know the design shows where the participants have to work with a limited budget or specific items found laying around?  Part of the fun of watching these programs is seeing what they will come up with.  If you have been thinking about your small living space, lack of storage, limited budget or whatever else has been holding you back, make 2016 the year to start seeing these hindrances in a new light and come up with some creative solutions!

  • Get Started – Brainstorm a list of at least five things in your home that are “problems” that could be turned into a good thing.  Don’t worry if some of it seems silly, the idea is to shake things up and look at your problem from a new perspective.