Need Curb Appeal?

Need Curb Appeal?

Need Curb Appeal?


Warm weather is upon us and with that comes the upkeep to our homes.  So what do you notice about your home when you are standing out by the street?  Is it attractive?  Has it seen better days?  Should you make some changes for the better?  Tis the season to add curb appeal to your home!



The landscape of your home draws in the eye of the passerby.  You want to make sure that what is seen is welcoming and friendly.  Here are a few tips on how to accomplish that:

  • Add a few containers full of plants to your entryway or hang baskets of flowers from your porch ceiling to give a friendly and finished look.
  • Clean up your yard by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes and sweeping the steps.  This is a cheap and efficient way to increase your home’s attractiveness.
  • Plant colorful perennial flowers in a flower bed that wraps itself around the front of the house.  Every year you can choose a color scheme and add beautiful color to your home.
  • If you do not have room for a flower bed, another options to add plants to containers and display near your entryway.  You can still achieve that warming welcome that colorful flowers offer.


Front Door Swag

Your home’s front entryway is the largest focal point of its curb appeal.  Everyone who visits your home will see it.  So why not add some color?  Grab some paint and get your home noticed!  Not so sure you want to add a blast of color?  No worries.  Here are a few more tips on how to spruce up your front door:

  • Add a custom wooden door
  • Spend some time cleaning the spots around your doorknob and make your door spic and span by using a metal polish on it to get a sparkly clean finish.
  • Add a swag or wreath to the entryway that reflects your personality.


Hardware Replacement

The numbers on your house, your door lockset, a wall-mounted mailbox and light fixtures should all complement one another, not be mismatched.  If used collectively, they can add interest and style to your home.  Bronze and nickel finishes are excellent choices when striving for that aesthetic look.


Outdoor Lighting

Not only does lighting add that curb appeal that you are striving for, but it also adds safety and security.  Light fixtures can add accent lighting to your favorite trees, flowers, or flagpole.  If you have a walkway, you can add lighting to illuminate your path.  If you are not able to use lights that require wire, choose solar lights.  These lights will illuminate, but you must remember that they are not as bright as their wired version.


Install Window Boxes

An easy way to add color and charm to your home’s curb appeal is to install window boxes.  Metals, such as copper and iron, lend a more traditional feel to your home.  If you are going for a cottage feel, install wooden boxes that are painted to complement your home.  Next, add colorful flowers to the boxes that suit the lighting conditions and color scheme of your home.


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