Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

So many of us struggle daily with kitchen storage; especially those of us whose kitchen is on the small side.  This room seems to become a catch-all for appliances, cookware and a variety of specialty gadgets.  It’s no wonder so many of us become perplexed just thinking about trying to organize this space.  And that’s not counting the endless supply of food cans, boxes and bags that seem to exist in every nook and cranny you can find!  How can you combat this never ending struggle?  What kinds of kitchen storage ideas would work best for you?  These are all questions that so many of us have asked ourselves at one point or another.  Let’s take a look at a few different storage ideas that may inspire you to organize your kitchen and keep the mess at bay!


Customize Your Pantry

Many of us dream of a perfectly organized walk-in pantry.  A pantry is a wonderful storage space that allows you to keep everything in one place.  It becomes a home for all of your kitchen food that is non-perishable.  This wonderful closet storage allows you to see everything that you have so that you don’t end up buying an item that you already own.  Besides an abundancy of shelving space and pullout baskets, what else can you arm your pantry with to provide the organization that you desire?

  •         Crate on Wheels – By adding casters to the bottom of a simple crate, you can now easily wheel heavy items out into the kitchen.  This is also a wonderful idea to store your children’s snacks in as well.
  •         Under-Shelf Racks – Most of us have seen these racks holding awkward cabinet items like mugs and dessert plates.  But, have you considered using one to hold your pantry items that can easily be crushed like a loaf of bread?  Not only will you not smoosh your bread, but you will keep your counter clutter free.
  •         Pencil Holder Shelving – You know that small space between the shelf in your pantry and the door jamb?  If you install a pencil holder shelving unit here, you can easily store those small items like pudding boxes and spice bottles so that they do not get lost with larger items.
  •         Clear Sponge Holder Shelving – Similar to the last suggestion, a sponge holder works ideally using Velcro or Command tabs to adhere to the small spaces in your pantry.  These shelving units are fantastic for holding small things like gravy or dip packets so that you always know what you have on hand.
  •         Magazine Rack Shelving – If you have a larger pantry, magazine racks add just the storage space you need to store your onions and other vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated.


Corner Drawer

Corner drawers are a creative solution for all of those awkward corners.  By running your drawers diagonally into the corner, you can create a much deeper storage space.  This allows for a bigger storage punch!


Utensil Drawer

This storage idea allows your serve-ware and silverware conveniently in one space.  Turn a deep drawer into a custom look by adding stainless steel pots that will house your utensils.  By storing them upright, it is easier to see what you are grabbing.


Undersink Drawer

The space under your sink can become a bottomless pit.  Fix that by adding a pullout drawer or sliding organizer.  This allows your cleaning supplies to stay visible.


Pullout Trash Can

We all abhor those unattractive bins that take up precious floor space.  Why not create a pullout unit for your trash can?  If you plan it just right you can house your trash bags, ties and an air freshener to the unit as well!