The Glamour of Gray

The Glamour of Gray

Glamorous Gray


When we use to think of the color gray, we would envision dreary days, strict looking clothing or someone having a gloomy outlook on life.  Those days are in the past.  Gray has shaken off its bad rap and has replaced beige as the new “it” neutral.  Now when we think about gray, we visualize sophistication, style and glamour.  So how can you add this new “it” color to your home?  Keep reading!


In the Kitchen

Although it’s a bit unconventional, gray is becoming a prominent color in kitchens across the nation.  Gray can give the appearance of being severe and aloof when you compare it to its warmer neutral counterparts beige and tan.  There is a trick to using gray, though.  It should be paired with warm materials (such as wood) and hot, vibrant shades of color (like red, orange and yellow).  Plus, if you live in an area that is overcast more days than not, you should stay away from prominently displaying gray on your kitchen walls.  But, should you live in a hot climate, by all means, flagrantly add gray in your kitchen!  Listed below are eight shades of gray that work fantastically in kitchens:

  • Carriage House by Mythic Paint
  • Horizon Gray by Benjamin Moore
  • Rhino by Behr
  • Online by Sherwin-Williams
  • Martini Shaker by Kelly-Moore
  • Trout by Pratt and Lambert
  • Seal Gray by Glidden
  • Lava Gray by Pittsburgh Paint


Sofa Shopping

When shopping for a new sofa, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all of the choices on the market.  From fabric, design, size, shape and so much more…  My head spins just thinking about it!  So, let’s make this as simple as we can.  Whatever else you decide on, go with gray.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Gray is the most neutral color because it blends shades of black and white.
  • Colors like acid green, pale blues, popping purples and anything in between pop against its cool backdrop.
  • Hot hues like yellow, red, orange and pink look fabulous against a true gray.
  • The sophistication of gray helps to “dress up” its surroundings.
  • Gray has the ability to tie several diverse colors together.
  • It can be easily dressed into a Shabby Chic or cottage look with linens and twills.
  • The versatility of gray can allow it to either take center state or blend into the background.


Subtle Gray

Do you like all of the possibilities of adding gray to your home, but not sure you really want to tackle an all out shade of gray?  Don’t fret!  Go for the lighter side of gray that leans more towards blue.  The bluer hues of gray lend an air of relaxation while still staying true to its neutrality.  This gray option also tends to “open up” a room to make it feel bigger and lighter.  So, go ahead and find a shade that will compliment your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.  There are so many shades of gray that you will surely find one that fits you and your home.


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