Frequently Asked Questions

What should I take into consideration before moving forward with a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project?

One of the first things we recommend to those of you interested in a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project is to compile a list of what you imagine your room looking like. This includes bringing in photos to reflect your personal taste, style, and color scheme you have in mind. Additionally, know what space you have to work with by measuring your room. Once you’ve collected these fundamentals, call or stop by Greystone Kitchen & Bath’s showroom at 6408 W. Wackerly St. so you can begin to discuss the details of your project.

How can I choose from so many options available?

Keep in mind your goals and purpose for your new bathroom or kitchen along with your list of photos from your initial visit with us. If you’re still unsure, talk with one of our associates or our in-house designer for some guidance. Our staff is experienced and handles this type of situation all the time; we can help keep you on track. And if you just need a break from it all, we understand that too and won’t pressure you into making any decisions you’re not 100% comfortable with.

I’m not sure if I want to keep or get rid of my appliances. What do you suggest?

While we offer a nice selection of energy efficient appliances, you will have to make that decision based around your budget, wants and needs. If you would like us to work around your current appliances, please provide our designer with precise measurements so we can plan accordingly.

Can Greystone help me select cabinets for my specific needs?

Yes, our team of professionals will help determine the most cost effective and aesthetically appealing cabinets to reflect your own personality and sense of style. Our team will ask certain questions and encourage you to bring in images of what you envision for your cabinets and we can go from there!

When should I make a decision about my countertops?

Good question! We recommend choosing your countertops during the same visit as when you select your cabinets to ensure a cohesive design. Depending on which material you choose, we may even advise a trip to the fabricators yard to view the entire slab of material.

What type of materials should I pick for my countertops?

Another great question! We’re excited to help you see the vast differences in natural stone and man-made materials you can choose from. You’ll want to consider your price range, lifestyle, daily routines, and personal taste to help choose the perfect material for your countertops. Not to worry though, we have high quality quartz and granite countertops along with many more to choose from.

What about choosing the bathroom and kitchen accessories and fixtures?

We have you covered! Our showroom is readily stocked with a variety of kitchen and bathroom accessories and fixtures. Throughout your visit with us, we’ll help you eliminate certain items on your list by asking you specific questions. By sorting through the items you don’t necessarily need or want, we can turn our focus on the accessories and fixtures you do need and like. If you don’t see all the items you envisioned, we have other literature for you to review and select from.

I’m not sure what to anticipate with my bathroom or kitchen remodel, is Greystone able to help?

Absolutely! While each remodeling project is greatly different, we have a general outline of our remodeling process.

  1. Our contractors will remove your old bathroom and/or kitchen
  2. If your room requires new electrical, we will handle the electrical
  3. If your room requires new plumbing, we will handle the plumbing
  4. Installation of any new drywall in preparation for paint
  5. Installation of your new flooring and any tiled showers
  6. Installation of your new cabinets and trim
  7. Countertops are templated and fabricated
  8. If applicable, walls and ceilings are painted
  9. Countertops are installed
  10. Any applicable tiled backsplashes and mirrors are installed
  11. All plumbing will be reconnected and operating smoothly
  12. The final electrical is completed to including switch covers, outlets and installing light fixtures
  13. Installation of remaining hardware and shower doors
What time frame should we anticipate for our materials and accessories to arrive?

The time frame varies from project to project. Our cabinetry is expected to arrive in approximately four weeks, and depending on the type of countertop, installation will occur approximately two to three weeks after template. However, our in-house designer and associates will be able to give you a more specific time frame once you have made your final material and accessories selections.

How do I keep in touch or reach out to Greystone with my questions?

Thank you for asking! Please call us at 989-835-6965 or stop by our showroom floor for assistance. We look forward to working with you on your next remodeling project.

Should I create a back-up plan for my remodeling project?

Yes, we suggest having a back-up plan in case an emergency or other unforeseen obstacle should come up. For example, if the materials you’ve selected aren’t available at the precise time we need them, we’ll need to make certain accommodations. Our contractors are all very reliable and dependable; however, should any complications present themselves to us during any phase of your remodeling project, we’ll certainly communicate that with you.