Fantastic Features

Fantastic Features

Fantastic Features

Is storage space a problem in your home? It is for most homeowners. But you can change that by adding a clever built-in feature to your home! Now organization becomes a breeze. Built-ins are custom made to maximize the space in your home and adds usable square footage. Turn that empty, unused space into a home office, a set of drawers, shelves, an entertainment centers or wine storage.



Recessed Built-Ins

If you are looking to conserve floor space, a recessed built-in may fit the bill. A recessed built-in requires more planning as well as construction time than those that attach directly to a wall. But, in the long run, they are well worth it.



Homework Alcove

An excellent addition to a child’s room is a homework alcove. If you are currently building, then framing in such an area is a cinch. But, if you are renovating, think about using closet space or maybe even steal some space from an adjoining room that you could bump out to form this alcove. In order to help save desk space, think about installing lights. Remember to place the switch within arm’s reach and don’t forget about power outlets for all those electronic gadgets!



Under Window Cabinet

The space below a window is often times overrun with houseplants. Why not take that space and turn it into a useful cabinet? The possibilities for storage here are endless. Storage of linens, extra towels or toiletries can find a new home and are out of the way. If you don’t add doors to the cabinet, imagine a new bookcase or pottery display!



Columned Room Divider

A room that is quite spacious could benefit by adding a columned room divider. These dividers can create intimate spacing as well as distinguish specific zones in your home for appropriate activities. Maybe you have a large great room that you want sectioned off to add a small work office. This becomes less imposing over adding a solid wall. And imagine the built-in space that you gain for a bookshelf, filing cabinets, drawer space, or open cubbies. And both side of the column will be utilized according to the room it faces!



Stair-Wall Storage

The area under the stairs is often times not put to good use. The triangular shape of the space looks like it would be difficult to install, but if you take proper measurements, anything is possible!




Wine Cellar

A built-in wine cellar can store and display your favorite wines. By adding a cabinet and drawer, glass decanters and stemware can be concealed and items like corkscrews and coasters can find a new residence. Installing doors on the cabinets help keep dust and debris off your glasses.


traditional fireplace and family room white molding built-ins granite hearth surround


Fireplace Niche

The bump out from your chimney naturally creates a recess on either side that is an ideal space for a built-in bookshelf or entertainment center. Cabinets can also be installed below the shelving unit to create more storage space that you don’t want guests to see. This keeps items handy for homeowners, but not left out in the open. Make sure that cabinets are installed 2”-4” off the floor in order for the doors to swing freely!

Now that your interest has been piqued, what built-in feature will be your next project? Do you want cabinets, shelves or maybe a desk? Find that unused space inside your home and lets do something with it!

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