Design a Better Shower

Design a Better Shower

Design a Better Shower

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom?  Have you given much thought to the shower design?  Well, if not, then here’s the time to start doing so!  With a little foresight you can have a well-designed shower that is beneficial to your life style and tastes.


Size Matters

There is nothing worse than a cramped and tiny shower, especially if you are claustrophobic!  So how can you decide what the right size is for you?  Well, a good rule of thumb if you have the space is to go with a shower that is a minimum of 60” by 36”.  If spacing is an issue, stand with your arms outstretched and turn in a circle.  The circle is the bottom line for minimum sizing you should go with.


Easily Accessible Water Controls

Nothing wakes you up quicker than a jolt of cold water!  And if the shower controls are placed in such a way that you must enter the shower in order to turn the water on, then that is what you are going to get.  So make sure that the shower controls are placed in a location that can be easily accessed from outside the shower and save yourself that rude morning wake up call.


Install a Bench

Installing a bench inside your shower will allow you to soak up the invigorating pellets of warm water that trickle from the shower head.  And if a steam shower is in your future plans, a bench will be a heavenly addition.  A bench will also enhance the everyday, mundane tasks (such as shaving your legs) and make them all the more enjoyable.  And if you don’t want a bench as a permanent fixture in your shower, think about adding a shower bench that can be folded up and put away when not in use.


A Home for Shampoo and Soap

What is a shower without all the luxuries of shower gel, body wash, bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner?  But, it can become an out of control mess if each of these items does not have their own home base.  So adding a small recess into the wall of your shower that holds a shelf or two will be spot-on for housing all of these necessities.


Shower Heads

There is an amazing wealth of shower heads available on the market today.  Anywhere from the standard, wall mounted head to a rain head, a body spray or even a hand held shower head.  One thing to be careful of when installing a fancy shower head is to make sure you have enough water pressure and hot water to accommodate them.


Bright Lights

Natural lighting keeps your bathroom feeling bright and cheery.  There is no reason for your shower to be the darkest corner of the room!  So if you need more lighting, try these options:

  •         Add a glass door to the shower so light filters in.
  •         Add a skylight if you do not have a window.
  •         Glass blocks will brighten the room.