Creating a Modern Nursery

Creating a Modern Nursery

Creating a Modern Nursery

There is no other time more joyous than when welcoming a new baby into the family. And when you are getting ready for the newest addition, you should have fun creating a nursery for your little bundle. There are several advantages to creating a modern nursery. They are gender neutral, add pops of bright colors and are quite versatile, among others. Keep reading to discover how you can create a safe haven for your infant.


Keep Things Simple

Keep lines clean and basic. Modern designs are extremely appropriate in an infant’s room. A simple backdrop is perfect for the revolving door of toys, art and other decorative items that are on display. Here’s how to start:

· Choose a pared-down look along with quiet colors for the walls, floor and major pieces of furniture.
· Select geometric and organic shapes while keeping unimportant items like bedskirts and elaborate furniture to a minimum.
· Remember that serenity is the key.


Bright Pops of Color

Now that you have chosen a neutral backdrop for the room, think about adding a bright flash of color. Items like the bedding, wall art, rugs, window coverings or accessories are a great place to add brightness into the room. Keep these pops of color modern without being too boyish, girly or babyish. Select colors such as orange, bright red, citrusy yellow and lime green to convey a sense of fun.


Gender Neutrality

The typical decorations in pink and blue are outdated and old-fashioned. Plus, keeping the room gender neutral allows for a flare of modernity as well as a creative re-usage of the room. That way, when a little brother or sister shows up, the neutral contents of the room allows the room to be used again.



When you create a modern nursery, you are also creating a multifunctional and multi-stage room. So go ahead and look for those pieces that will serve multiple purposes and grow with your child. Start looking for a bassinet that converts into a toy basket or a crib that will turn into a toddler bed. Get more bang for your buck by investing in pieces that you will never throw away.


Space Savvy

If you are working with limited square footage, think about purchasing items that serve a dual purpose. Search for items that have clever built-ins pieces of furniture. Key items such as a dresser with a changing table on top or a changer that fits onto a crib will reduce the clutter in this small area.


No Themes

When decorating the nursery, make sure you don’t go with a theme that is overpowering or limiting. When you build the decorations around a licensed cartoon character, you face the day when your child doesn’t like it. So, instead of redecorating in a year or so, keep things simple and wait for your child’s passion to develop.


Stick to the Budget!

No one has an endless bank account, so make sure you don’t spend bundles on the nursery. Remember, even though you choose some pieces that are adaptable, they will not work forever! So invest in one or two pieces that you are crazy about and that will grow with your child and supply the rest of the room with some basic pieces that will work in a variety of themes.


A Nursery You Love

In the end, you must create a nursery that you love and adore. No matter how you proceed with the nursery, remember that it has to be a room that reflects your lifestyle and home. After all, you and your child will be spending a bit of time here so make a statement and have fun!