Create a Coffee Bar for Your Home

Create a Coffee Bar for Your Home

Create a Coffee Bar for Your Home

Do you need that morning cup of java to get yourself moving?  Do the members of your household know they should not talk to you until you have that caffeinated kick start soaring through your veins?  If you are a coffee lover, you probably love preparing your favorite brew at home rather than running to the nearest café to grab a cup.  So why not create your own unique coffee station right in your own kitchen or dining room where you can use the coffee accessories that you deem necessary to brew a magical cup of heaven?


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When you designate one spot for all of your coffee making essentials, you will be able to enjoy your favorite cup of joe that much faster.  And imagine how impressed your guests will be!  All you need is a:

  • Kitchen Counter
  • Side Table
  • Cart
  • Cabinet
  • Custom Built Coffee Bar

So let’s get started in organizing and styling your very own coffee station!




Kitchen Counter Coffee Bar

Imagine the convenience of a designated area of your kitchen counter to COFFEE!  It doesn’t matter what size counter you may have.  Small…  Large…  Any size will do!  If your counter is small, simply use a base, such as a tray.  Put your entire coffee essentials in a group on the base in order to decrease clutter.  A nice touch is to add a shelf above the coffee machine to place cups, coffee and other coffee paraphernalia.  And if you are lucky enough to have a large slice of counter space, you can simply arrange your station to your liking!  This will show off your individuality when you add your coffee pot, unique cups and everything else coffee related.




Side Table and Cart Coffee Bar

A side table or cart makes a great coffee station.  They allow for the containment of your coffee stand to a particular area and create a fabulous coffee nook in your kitchen.  The nice thing about creating a coffee bar out of these items is that they work well in large or medium sized kitchens.  This coffee bar can be easily rolled around for a kitchen island on wheels.  This works fantastically when entertaining guests and you want to display all of your coffee making gadgets.  And better yet, your guests will come away with a wonderful cup of mocha brew!




Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating a coffee bar.  It does not have to be located in your kitchen.  It can be placed in your dining room, entertainment room or even home office.  Some finishing touches for your coffee bar may include:

  • Bowls for coffee and sugar.  Glass jars with coffee beans can add a very distinctive touch to your coffee bar.
  • A carrying tray
  • Napkins
  • Special lighting if you should need it
  • A vase for flowers or a special plant
  •  A unique piece of artwork can add a sense of stylishness to the area