Cozy up Your Kitchen

Cozy up Your Kitchen

Cozy up Your Kitchen

We have all heard the saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  So many of us entertain and gather in this room because food and socialization blend together beautifully.  What better way do we have as parents to pull information from our children than when we are sitting around the kitchen table at dinnertime?  So why not make this room a cozy space rather than austere and rigid?  There is no better way to do that than to add items from other rooms into the cooking atmosphere!

The Typical Kitchen

When you think of the kitchen, you imagine a lot of cabinet space, an island with barstools, and stainless steel sinks.  But, a kitchen can be so much more!  When you are trying to create a cozy cooking environment, think about adding items that are normally found in other rooms of the house.  Remember, this is your house and there are no rules on how to transform it into a home.  So go ahead and add a sofa or a unique chair to cozy up your kitchen!


When entertaining guests, a pet peeve of many is the fact that guests congregate in the kitchen and find themselves in the way.  And of course they are your guests so you cannot chase them from the room!  So how can you cope?  By giving them a place to go that is out of the way.  Should your kitchen or dining area have the space, why not place a sofa in an area where guest can gather without getting in your way.

Add a Bookshelf

Everyone has cookbooks and they belong in the kitchen.  But, crucial cabinet space is usually taken up with dishes, pots and pans.  So where can you place these cooking gems?  Add a bookshelf to your kitchen.  You can display these cooking essentials in a way that is country cozy and handy to find.

Mats and Rugs

Nothing screams “cozy” more than kitchen rugs.  They are essential in adding a layer of comfort when you are on your feet for long stretches of time cooking and cleaning.  And let’s face it, no matter how careful you are, water still gets spilled or dripped onto the floor which can create a slippery accident just waiting to happen.  A rug or mat is the perfect object to absorb the water and help prevent slips or falls.  So when you are shopping for that perfect addition in creating a cozy kitchen, don’t confine your selection to only kitchen accessories.  Think outside the box and add a touch of flare like you would in other rooms of your house.

Unique Kitchen Island

An island in your kitchen is not only fantastic to look at, but it is convenient as well.  Instead of building an island that is a permanent fixture, add a large chest instead.  Something on the order of a French chest will add a unique island that will become the centerpiece of your kitchen.  And it will feature more drawers for kitchen storage!