Bring the Outside In

Bring the Outside In

Bring the Outside In

Mother Nature has finally allowed spring to warm our days! With these warmer days, we will be opening the windows in our home and allowing that fresh, warm breeze to flow inside and chase away those dreary, wintertime blues. As summertime quickly approaches, we begin to look for ways that we can bring the outside in to help make our homes feel fresh and vibrant!

The best place to start is to choose a room. Maybe it’s the sunroom, patio, porch or just a room with a great view! This is where you can make the most impact and, in effect, melt away the walls between outside and in.



Wash the Windows and Change Your Curtains

  • This is the most affordable way in making a huge impact on a room.
  • Clean windows make a difference during the day because you can see more of the outdoors, giving you a closer connection.
  • Freshly washed windows are also more reflective at night and act like mirrors. The effect is ethereal when using soft lighting or candles.
  • Adopting a billowy curtain in a sheer or natural fabric will help bridge the indoor-outdoor connection. These materials allow light to filter in, showcasing a beautiful balance between the two worlds.
  • Tips from the pros: When choosing curtains, opt for floor-to-ceiling options even when the windows don’t extend this far. Doing this will make the wall look taller and windows appear bigger.


Blurring Borders

  • Target an entryway, such as a porch or doorway to refresh. Maybe add a new doormat, some fresh plants or a table and chairs.
  • Set up a table and chairs on your porch. You can purchase these at nearly every price point nowadays. Folding chairs are another great option because they can be put away easily.
  • Use indoor-outdoor fabrics in your living areas, inside and out. You can find an array of colors and patterns like brights, geometrics and stripes. Fresh, vibrant colors such as orange and yellow are superb options to brighten up any room!
  • Tips from the pros: Using the same fabric on your deck, terrace, patio or an adjoining room allows the rooms to flow together as one when the door is left open.



  • Painting a room is an inexpensive way to freshen any room. Be adventurous and put some elbow grease into it! For a typical room, you can usually expect to spend about $100.
  • Some HOT colors this summer are ice blue (looks good with most anything), light grays and taupes.
  • Want to add some STRONG color to your room without it being overwhelming? Choose a wall to feature and paint it for around $25! Then when you get sick of it, you can simply paint over it.
  • Do you have old or worn furniture? Throw a coat of paint on it! For a fresh look, go for white. Feeling brave? Find a color to match your décor.
  • Frame the outdoors! Paint your window frames a neutral color. This makes the outdoors look brighter because you are focusing on what lies outside your window.

So, choose a room and get started! These tips are all cost efficient and fun. Brighten your room today with vibrant colors, a vase of flowers, or a coat of paint and bring the carefree days of summer inside your home.

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