Bathroom Designs

Let’s face it, one of everyone’s favorite rooms in their home is their bathroom. Your bathroom can be perhaps the most creative and unique expressions of your style. This is partly due to the fact that you have limited space to make use of the functionality and different bathroom designs available. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, our associates and in-house designer at Greystone Kitchen & Bath can help customize your bathroom from the ground up. If you have a specific budget you’re working with, it’s okay to let us know so we can work within those constraints and still design a one-of-a-kind bathroom just for you. It’s important for us to make each space unique and individualized to fit your lifestyle. Whether you need a few hardware pieces or new fixtures added to your home, or you would like a partial renovation, we have various bathroom designs that can be customized to your specific wants and needs. Perhaps you would like to freshen up your ½ bath and want to add a tiled shower or upgrade your plumbing fixtures. We have the tools, manpower and know-how to make it happen! On the other hand, if you would like to completely re-work your entire bath space, we can do that too. We have many years of experience with combining functional and aesthetic design elements to create a visually stunning and useful bathroom. Our bathroom designs vary from client to client since we customize each one with particulars to reflect your sense of character and tastes. However, if there is a basic layout you would like to start working with, we can go from there and choose your own bathroom accessories to accent the space.