5 Ways to Spruce up Your “Old” Bathroom

5 Ways to Spruce up Your “Old” Bathroom

5 Ways to Spruce up Your “Old” Bathroom

Are you glancing around your bathroom thinking that it is in dire need of a facelift?  Does your bathroom décor revolve around classic colors and feature timeless fixtures?  Or does your bathroom lean towards the ruins of a bygone era that even the most talented of decorators cannot cover up?  Needless to say, if you have a bathroom that is older and what YOU consider out of date, then here are a few tricks that will allow you to spruce up your bathroom space without revamping.


Bring Your Fixtures Up to Date

Do you have a sink that is still in good shape even with decades of use in its past?  Then there is no need to replace it.  But, if the faucet is leaking, you should take a look at your nearest home improvement store and choose an up to date model that will look fabulous with the changes you want to make.  A few other ways in which to spruce up the look of your bathroom fixtures are:

  •         If your bathroom has sconces that are out of date, tear them down and replace with something that suits your style.
  •         Are you dealing with a colored tub that doesn’t fit your décor?  Have it resurfaced.
  •         Bathroom tiling can become fresh and new again by painting your walls and medicine cabinet white.  This allows the color to become the focal point of the room.


Choose Your Artwork Carefully

Are you looking for a way to avoid ripping up the current tile in your bathroom?  Choose a prevalent color in your bathroom; whether it’s the tiles or even sink color.  Find a piece of artwork that has an element of that color weaving through it.  By doing this you are connecting the space through your art.  This is the great part because you can choose any design that you absolutely love!  Usually there is only enough wall space in a bathroom to allow for one or two pieces of artwork, so choose your design wisely.


Paint the Tiles

If you truly cannot stand the color of your bathroom tiles, simply paint over them.  This won’t last as long as replacing them would, but it will rid you of a color you abhor!  Make sure to use a good primer, normally choose an oil based versus water based option.  And if you don’t want to tackle painting all of the tiling, paint some accent tiles, such as the crown, in a contrasting color.  Just remember; when it comes to painting, there isn’t an erase button!


Add Some Fun!

Have fun by adding new wallpaper, curtains, a ceiling fixture or even painting your vanity doors!  Due to its small nature, bathrooms are the perfect place to try something you deem to be daring.  So try something fresh and funky to liven up the space.  If you like it, you can expand to other rooms!



If you choose to go the wallpaper route when refreshing the look of your bathroom, be as bold or reserved as you like.  Make sure that it blends well with any bathroom tiles you may have.  Rule of thumb is stick to a plain shower curtain should you choose a colorful and bright wallpaper.  If you choose a more reserved wallpaper option, go as bold as you’d like with the curtains.  Contrast is the key to creating an environment you crave.  It is also good to have proper ventilation when choosing wallpaper because you don’t want the paper to peel from the walls.