5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filter

5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filter

5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filter


You may be ready for winter, but is your furnace ready?  As the temperatures begin to fall, we don’t always remember to switch out the filter to our furnace.  But it is important that you do so.  Energy Star even suggests that these filters should be changed every month, especially during the winter months.  At the very least, do not let three month go by without swapping out a dirty one for a brand new one because of the following benefits.  


#1 – Extends the Life of Your Furnace

The most common reason for your furnace to break down is because it is dirty.  The dirt accumulates and can cause one of two things to occur:

  • the air cannot pass through
  • the system overheats

Either of these two reasons cause the motor to work harder.  The best case scenario will require your furnace unit to be repaired.  Worst case scenario, especially if your unit is older, a replacement of a new one will be required.  Simply by replacing your furnace filter is an easy way in which to lengthen its life.


#2 – Energy Cost is Kept Down

When your furnace filter is clogged with dirt, your furnace must work harder which causes more energy to be used.  When more energy is required of your furnace in order to work, your energy bill will skyrocket!  On average, a household spends about $2,200 a year on its energy bill.  When you are consistent in changing out your air filter, you can save anywhere from 5% to 15% on your utility costs.


#3 – Healthy Air Quality

If anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, this is extremely important.  Dirty air filters will worsen the air quality in your home and these symptoms will be aggravated.  If you happen to have pets, this is even more important because pet dander will accumulate in the heating system and spread the allergens throughout your home.  Replacing your furnace filter is an easy fix and will help prevent the air quality in your home from deteriorating.


#4 – Keeps Your Furnace System Clean

Dirt that gets clogged up in your filter leads to the pollution of the entire furnace systems.  This means that extra repairs, service and parts will need to be replaced.  Items that most households do not budget for.


#5 – Peace of Mind

Replacing the filter to your furnace is a simple and inexpensive step to take in order to save money while extending the life of your heating system.  The air quality inside your home is also dramatically improved upon which will in turn reduce allergy and asthmas symptoms of your loved ones.  A money saving decrease in your energy bill will also be noticed by the adults in the household as well because less energy will be required to heat your home.  So, while you are out shopping for your furnace filter, you should take a look at the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) number.  Ranging from 1 to 12, the higher numbers will provide a better filtration.